Before your appointment

Here is a list of common questions you may have before your appointment.

Most patients have some soreness after therapy.  Dr. Galsterer will recommend or may prescribe pain medication. Some patients have absolutely no pain after treatment.

Most of the time your crown does not need to be replaced after root canal therapy.  Crown replacement is determined on a case to case basis.

Yes,  exam and X-ray are included in the price quoted to patients.

Yes,  Dr. Galsterer has to take an X-ray of your tooth to examine you properly and come up with a proper diagnosis.

Yes, we have headphones and radios.  Most people that want to hear music or a podcast during treatment bring their own headphones/earbuds.

No,  we do not advise that you stop your blood thinner prior to your appointment.


After your appointment

Here is a list of common questions you may have after your appointment.

No, you will need to follow up with your general dentist for crown placement.

Some throbbing is normal in the first few hours after treatment,  that is inflammation.   Dr. Galsterer will recommend pain medication and may prescribe pain medication if necessary.

That means you are healing normally.  Dr. Galsterer advises to not chew hard on your tooth until you return to your general dentist for final restoration.  

Short term inflammation of the bone that holds your tooth in is common after therapy.  Please take all your recommended/prescribed medications.   If after five to seven days post-op you still have feeling in your tooth or jaw, call us,  you may require a bite adjustment.

Mild bruising and swelling is normal, especially in surgical cases.  

If you had surgical therapy,  your sutures only need to be in place for twenty four to forty eight hours.  Call us if your sutures fall out before that period.

Healing can occur as quick as 2-3 days however some cases can take more time (up to 2 weeks).  Call us if you have concerns.